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Why Waterless Services?

Why doesn't Pink Daisy have pedicure thrones or whirlpool tubs like other salons?

Wet pedicures and whirlpool tubs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Internal piping is a breeding ground for bacteria and can easily spread nail fungus and other communicable diseases.  By eliminating the tub of water, we are also eliminating the risks associated with water=borne bacteria.  Additionally, soaking the nails in water compromises the integrity of the service outcome, causing nails to shred during filing, and eventually causing the top layer of the nail and polish to flake off.

Average salons utilize around 10,000 gallons of water each year for pedicures.  When California's foot spa disinfection protocols are followed, this water cannot be recycled because of its toxicity.  Even before the current drought crisis in California, we found this reckless waste to be unacceptable.

Pink Daisy is proud to be one of a growing number of conscientious nail salons that are abandoning these practices in favor of steamed towel pedicures, a method that utilizes far less water, doesn't adversely affect the integrity of the service or threaten the environment, and has been proven to be rated more highly by consumers in terms of comfort and relaxation.


You may request an appointment either by email or by calling 951-272-6245.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.


Children under the age of 5 and pets are not permitted in the salon.  Please silence your cell phone in the salon.  Thank you for understanding.